How Would I Use These for My Charity?

There are a variety of ways to use Ecuadane for your Charity:

  • For Fundraising Opportunities: To raise funds for your causes, your charity can sell the blankets and throws to support the cause and raise awareness
  • Gift to High Valued Donors: Show your appreciation to those donors that have supported year after year, that refer other donors to your charities, or as a donor members welcome gift

Elevate Your Ranch Experience with Ecuadane

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Custom Throw Blankets For Your Charity

Add your Charity's name, logo or tagline to one of our Southwestern or Quilotoa blankets or throws.

We also offer custom weaving designs, like what we've created for the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Trusted By The Wounded Warrior Project

"To provide a very special, personalized blanket to our donors that would make a difference in their lives and help WWP carry our its mission. Those who received this gift; they didn't just like it. They loved it." - Scott Forshey Friedman, Director of Donor Experience and Engagement, Wounded Warrior Project

Custom Blanket Weaving Examples

Our Ecuadane Guarantees

  • Machine Washable

    A premium blanket with an insurance policy for whatever life throws at you or on your blanket.

  • Durable

    Our products thrive in multiple uses from home, to the park, to the beach. They will stand the test of time.

  • Comfort

    Crafted in Ecuador and woven six times over for extra softness as they wear, our products redefine cozy.

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